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Classroom Resources

The classroom resources that you will find on this page have been created by trainers and members of P4CNZ.  They are intended to be used to assist facilitation of philosophical inquiry by a person who has undertaken basic training in Philosophy for Children.  Many of these have been created by Dr Vanya Kovach in response to requests from teachers for questions and activities on specific topics – so feel free to send comments (so they can be improved), and further requests!

Note we also now have a selection of resources generously supplied to members of P4CNZ by Peter Worley, of the Philosophy Foundation.  These are listed separately below.


Because – Basic skill for Year 1 and 2

Bravery Concept Game

Bravery Discussion Plans

Challenge Concept Game

Change – For Year 2 and 3

Children’s Rights Exercises

Courage Questions

Disagreements Exercise

Doing Science Concept Game

Evil – Quotes and Questions

Fair Deals Folk Tale – Questions and Exercise

Fairness Concept Game

Freedom Exercises and Discussion Plans

Friends Exercise – Year 3

From Children’s Questions to a Philosophical Discussion

Harry Potter Questions for the Question Quadrant

Health Concept Game

Helping Exercises

Homelessness Concept Game

How to use a Concept Game

Is this music? – Exercise and Questions

Names – For Years 1 and 2


Obligations to Pets (Annie and Moon)

Perfection Exercise and Discussion Plans

Reality Exercise

Respect Story and Activities – Year 7 and 8

Rights – Who and What?

Sort the Questions – Year 1 and 2

Space Exploration and Alien Beings

Success and Failure Concept Game

The Olympics Questions

The Pencil Case – Dialogue about Knowledge, and Support Material

Traditions – Story and Activities for Year 2 and 3

Traditions – Exercises and Discussion plans

Travel in the Future – Scenarios and Questions

True and False Unit – Year 2

Well being for Year 2 and 3

What is Language Exercise

What  Makes you an Aucklander-  Exercise and Questions

Work and Earning Exercise

would-this-be-a-good-pet (Year 1/2)



From Peter Worley, of The Philosophy Foundation:


The Wand – science – Peter Worley


The Concept Box – Peter Worley

The Big Red Button – risk and responsibility – Peter Worley

Migration – Peter Worley

Invasion- Peter Worley

Into the unknown- Peter Worley

Classes- idenity, vagueness and sets – Peter Worley


Reports and Reflections on Classroom Practice





Philosophy Resources

The philosophy resources have been provided by members of the University of Auckland Philosophy Department, and others.  They are intended to assist facilitators of philosophical inquiry in the classroom to gain some familiarity with the ideas and arguments in a variety of areas and topics in philosophy.


Brief Notes on Rights

Overview of the Ethics of Cloning

Brief Notes on Truth

Ethical Thoeries and “The Knife”

Introduction to Epistemology – and Descartes