Useful Links

More P4C resources for members can be found in the Members area of the website.

Federation of Asia-Pacific Philosophy in Schools Associations
Training, conferences, links to associates and a great resources page which introduces the whole range of Australasian P4C books.

International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC)

An online resource and collaboration service for P4C
British-based website with lots of resources. Subscription is fifty pounds per year.

Teaching Children Philosophy
Lots of free philosophical support for children’s books – summary of the book, identification of philosophical themes in the book, and questions to stimulate children’s inquiry.  Created by Thomas E. Wartenberg and his students

What’s the Big Idea? Also by Tom Wartenberg
Film clips to stimulate discussion about topics such as lying, bullying and friendship.  More on the way!

Australian Council for Educational Research 
Not a P4C site, but Australasian resources can be purchased through their on line shop.

Childhood and Philosophy
The journal of the International Council for Inquiry with Children (ICPIC).  Free download of articles, once you register

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, Montclair State University
Check out this website’s excellent bibliography of research on P4C.  Also gives access (for a small cost) to past volumes of the P4C Journal “Thinking”.

New Zealand Association for Philosophy Teachers
An association for teachers of philosophy as a subject at secondary school level.

Wireless Philosophy  and Wireless Philosophy YouTube Channel

Introduces people to the practice of philosophy by making videos that are freely available in a form that is entertaining and accessible to people with no background in the subject. The majority of the video content is sourced from professors at universities, such as MIT, Columbia, and Yale.

Two Recommended Online Courses in Critical Thinking

3 hour course from British philosopher Stephen Law (author of The Philosophy Files)- very clear, bite-sized bits, not very expensive:

6 week free course available on Futurelearn presented by two Auckland philosophers – in depth, some local content, engaging style:

The Philosophy Man Website with free P4C resources, and you can sign up to receive a weekly mail out of activities.

The Philosophy Foundation

Peter and Emma Worley run The Philosophy Foundation in the UK – they use a slightly different approach to philosophical inquiry to the current “classic” Australasian P4C style. A great complement to what you might already be doing.  Free resources, books full of starters for inquiry.  Also, see this set of links to Worley’s strategies for facilitation in the style that he uses and promotes. Links to practical strategies by Peter Worley

Philpapers offers a directory of publications on philosophy in schools!  Lots to look at here:

UK P4C group Sapere have a very useful page on research on P4C

The International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children also has references to research

Kathryn Ryan interviews Vanya Kovach on P4C and its benefits.  If you are new to P4C, this might interest you.  Listen here:


Amy Austin’s article on philosophy and picture books: